About AFE

Quality First, Customer Paramount.

We have produced 80 Million pcs relays in 2019, then increased to 90 Million pcs in 2020 and with a plan to increase 15%-20% in 2021. We have achieved a total sales amount of CNY 150 Million in 2013.

Who We Are

AFE Electronics, short for AFE, was set up in 2002.

AFE mainly design, develop, manufacture electromagnetic relays and other electronic components. The products are used in household electrical appliances (air conditioning, fridge, TV, washing machine, solar power appliances), industrial control and commercial systems, communication equipment and automotive etc.

Due to aggressive increase of our production requirement, old factory was no longer satisfied our needs, we set up our new factory in 2010 in Mingguang Industrial Zone of Anhui Province. And extended with stage 2 in 2011, in second half of 2019, AFE started to optimize its management structure, involve new leaders, abandon the old name and begin to run multilpe range marketing strategy. AFE is one of the most excellent quality relay manufacturers in east coast of China.

We have International Sales Division based in Shanghai set up in 2011, and now have international clients in Turkey, Israel, Korea, India, Iran, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Russia, North America and Australia.

AFE was approved with ISO9001 quality management system authentication in 2009, acquire ISO14001 quality management system certification in 2011, according to the market demands and customer requirements, the company's products have passed America UL, Germany TUV, China CQC and VDE (in progress) series of safety authentication.

All of our products adopt the environmental protection material, all conform to RoHS and REACH requirements.

Our History

  • AFE Electronics in 2013
  • AFE Electronics in 2013
  • AFE Electronics in 2010
  • AFE Electronics in 2008