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    Relay Specialist.
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Meet our specialists in making Relays. Check out our range of products today.

Product Showcase

  • AFE BJS 46F Relay

    7mm Width Only, Fit Narrow Spaces.
    1A Contact Form, Max Current: 5A.
    TUV, UL Available.

  • AFE BPM3 OZ Relay

    16A Max Allowable Current.
    8mm Creepage Distance.
    High Dielectric Strength.

  • AFE BRD T73 Relay

    Up tp 15A Switching Rating.
    Low Cost, Economic Choice.
    105 Degree F Class Available.

  • AFE BRT3 115F Relay

    Low Height Slim Size.
    8mm Creepage Distance.
    Surge Resistance is 10,000V.

  • AFE BSC 23F Relay

    Tiny in Size: 12.7x7.6x10mm.
    Up to 2A Switching Capacity.
    Communication Type, Low Coil Power.

  • AFE BPD 7520 Relay

    16A Switching Capacity.
    Only 10.2mm in Height.
    Smaller Size (BPC) Also Available.

  • AFE BRF 152F Relay

    High End Market, 20A Max Current.
    Surge Resistance is 10,000V
    OMRON G5LE, Songchuan 875.

  • AFE T90 Relay

    High 30A Switching Capacity.
    Surge Resistance is 10,000V.
    T90 Relay. UL, TUV Available.

Interested to know how AFE electonic relay is made?

AFE Electronics IQC Process Incoming QC
AFE Electronics QC Process Production QC
AFE Electronics Process QC Process Process QC
Our Relay

Our History

Anhui Mingguang Life Electronic Co,. Ltd. (AFE Electronics) is a fast growing high end relay manufacturer in China. With great management and quality control procedure in place, AFE brand is becoming well known in Electronic Compoments industry by it's durability, performance and service.

We mainly design, develop, manufacture and sell electromagnetic relays and other electronic components. Products are mainly used in household electrical appliances, industrial and commercial systems, communication equipment and automotives etc.

We have product design, mold making, spare parts processing, assembling, calibration, testing withcapacity of producing 100 Million pcs relay per year with UL, TUV approval and ISO9001, 14001 certification. Read More

Greetings from GM

Dear Directors & Investors,

Thank you for your time to visit our site, we are one of the young relay manufacturer in China with strong capabilities in the field of developing and manufacturing relay products.

AFE is working hard to provide high quality products to you with great price and proven quality.

We are looking forward to do business with you in the near future.

Best Regards
AFE Board

We're endeavor to work out new compliance to suit your needs.

We have satisfied below certifications and there will be more.

  • ISO:14001 Management System
  • ISO:9001 Management System
  • Reach Compliance
  • VDE Approval
  • UL Approval
  • TUV Approval
  • RoHS Approval
  • CQC Approval